Throughout the semester, the Lord has been calling me to reflect on my identity as His daughter. It’s something that I’ve always known in my head, but it has trouble finding its way to my heart. I recently prayed with the lyrics of “Good, Good Father,” and felt a strong urge to share the reflection that came from it. So. Enjoy.

Love so undeniable / I can hardly speak / Peace so unexplainable / I can hardly think / As you call me deeper still / Into love

You’re a good, good father / It’s who You are / And I’m loved by You / It’s who I am

Where will You call me next, Dad? I ‘ll go wherever You want to take me. Just take my hand, and I’ll follow. I’ll always follow You because I know You won’t fail me.

I just got an image of my reliance on my dad when we were in airports when I was younger (and if I’m being honest, until the last few years). I never had any idea of where to go. There’s so many signs and walkways and unfamiliar people. There’s so many ways to get lost, but my dad always knew his way. He always led us, and when there were obstacles, he knew what to do to overcome them. It got to the point where I didn’t think I could ever navigate an airport without him. I had a dependency.

Dad, Abba, Father, You will never leave me. I need to have a dependency on You. With You, I don’t have to worry about ever navigating the airport alone. You’ll figure out all the obstacles that come, and You’ll never let me get lost, as long as I’m following You. You’ll never let me get fearful of being lost, because You’ll be there, confidently leading.

You’ll lead me to the plane I need to get on, and You’ll set next to me on the flight and hold my hand when my ears pop. You’ll take me to my next journey, my next place, and You’ll show me how to get to wherever it is I need to be. You’ll figure out all of the complications and obstacles and work them into Your perfect plan.

You’ll reach Your hand to me… and I, Your daughter, will reach up, grab it, and follow.

I love You, Dad.



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